Golf Events

Golf Events:

If golf is your passion, One to One Consult offers professional golf event services in a large network of golf courses. We take care of all organizational aspects so your invited golfers can concentrate on golf and networking.

One to One consult creates perfect and tailor-made golf packages and has very good green fee conditions for golfing in Hua Hin, Phuket, Vietnam, Oman, Emirates.

Strengths and Specialties:

Organisation of golf events in Phuket, Selling sponsorship, Researching markets to identify opportunities for events, Liaising with clients to ascertain their precise event requirements

Networking at Top Level

Networking at top level:

Work directly with Chris Geyskens for your networking at top level. After understanding your interests, she’ll give advice on where to go, and how to set up the best planning for your event. She’ll recommend accommodation that you’ll love, within your budget. You’ll get great recommendations for restaurants, food festivals, and special events.

Ambassador at the National Orchestra of Belgium

Strengths and Specialties:

Strategically targeting activities, Systematically planning networking, Generous and giving spirit, Reliable and trustworthy, Asks the right questions, Listens actively

Luxery Travel Management

Luxury Travel Management:

One to One consult specializes in diverse, international, high-end leisure and incentive travel representation.

We provide professional sales and marketing services to premium luxury hospitality entities, ensuring maximum market penetration and success for its clients.

Strengths and Specialties:

Luxury travel experience 40 years, Established luxury travel clientele, Broad global destination knowledge and/or specialized destination knowledge, 24/7 Client assistance availability

Tailormade Leisure Trips

Tailormade Leisure Trips:

We revel in organising bespoke programmes, or customising our existing tours for exclusivity - both for large groups and for individuals.

Be it an intimate dinner for two in the desert, a bird watching trip, a desert safari, a wellness experience at an exclusive spa, or complete holiday packages, we can design them around specific needs, styles, and budgets.

Specialized in South East Asia area, Vietnam, Cambodja, Thailand, Laos

Strengths and Specialties:

Hosting educational/familiarisation trips, Personal touch, Special demands